Horse boarding
Rocky Road Ranch
    Gibson, Conley Paint and Quarter Horses.
We are now offering horse boarding.

If you would like to have your horse in a stall the price is $450.00 a month for the large stall. Small stall is $380.00 We give your horse hay and water daily.

Green Pasture only is $250.00 a month.... In the winter we do feed hay.

You are responsible for the farrier, worming, and Vet bills. The horse needs to be up to date with his or her shots. I will require you to provide me with the health records.
If your horse needs supplements daily in his or her feed it cost $10.00 a week extra.
If we have to hold your horse for the farrier or vet we charge $10.00 also.
Having your horse trailer on property is $20 more a month.

If you have any questions you may call us at (812)249-9067. 
We would be happy to take care of your horse for you.
Pricing is subject to change. Due to the raising cost of hay and grain. We will give advanced notice of the price change.
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Girls in the hay field riding horses.Sydney with Minnie.Sydney showing Minnie.SySkipper and her owner riding in the arena.Thats me running barrels at home. Just playing around.Sharon stading with Q-Ton.Sydney running barrels.Sharon riding Q-Ton.That is me riding Brittany's horse T at a local horse show.Jim and I in the 4TH of July parade.Max before he was given a bath.Minnie and I at a posse meeting.That me running barrels at a local show.The Big Ace.The Big Ace.The Dandy.Brittany showing Spirit at the State Fair.Brittany and Gypsy.
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Here is a great girl riding her horse named, Skipper. She boards her horse at Rocky Road Ranch and takes lessons from Amy.
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